Ministerial Statement 886 Jack Hills Expansion Project - Compliance Assessment Report - January 2013


Environmental Policy

Crosslands' Environmental Policy is the foundation of environmental management for our operations. Crosslands recognises that environmental responsibilities go beyond those required under statutory requirements, and that continual improvement of our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS) ensures conformance with the commitments of our Environmental Policy.

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Environmental Management System

CRL has implemented a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) across all of its operations to ensure environmental aspects associated with the project are identified, documented and managed. The EMS has been developed in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001 (2004) and outlines the way in which Crossland’s addresses each element of its operations and manages its environmental aspects.

The EMS includes all Environmental Management Plans, task specific Work Instructions and supporting Tools (i.e. forms and registers) that are applicable to Crossland’s operations.


We assist all new employees and contractors to become aware of the environment in which they are working and Crossland’s responsibilities and obligations in relation to protecting the environment. Our environmental induction process addresses environmental awareness, with an emphasis on ground disturbance, flora and fauna management, product spillage, dust control and general housekeeping. Crossland’s is also committed to providing ongoing support and training to all employees and contractors where required.